Kitchen remodeling contractors – Los Angeles Review

One amazing way to feel like you have a whole new house and a whole new life is to remodel the kitchen.  The Kitchen is where the family comes together to build lifelong resentments over meals.

When you’re looking on line for the right contractor or contracting company to hire, it’s important to look for a few things.

Are they licensed?

do they have a cool website?

do they have reviews?

are there pictures of their previous work?

Hiring a contractor that  is unlicensed is one big mistake.

Many times people will hire their cousins and cousins almost always do a bad job and then walk off the job in a huff leaving you holding the bag. then it’s really awkward at Christmas when your aunt comes up and yells at you in front of the whole family for talking about how her son Chris is a moron and a drunk and cost you 7 thousand dollars.  Check out this site to see if a contractor is licensed in your state.

a contractor should have a cool website

.  If the contractor has a crappy little site that means that they are lame and out of touch with reality.  It also means that they don’t really want to grow the contracting business for the long haul by spending the money it takes to have a quality site.  A crappy site usually means that they are just doing a few jobs here and there to buy beer and pay the rent on their studio apartment.  If you’re going to hire a contractor make sure they have a good site. Here is an example of a good contractor website

Make sure the contractor has reviews

. If they have good reviews then they might just be good.  But make sure that they aren’t written by someone in thier family.  One way to make sure it’s a good review is to look for sentences like  “So and so is a great contractor and I am in no way related to him” or “Gary did a great job on my kitchen and maybe one day he can work of his mother’s house like he’s been saying for 3 years”. If you see stuff like that in the reviews then you should be suspicious.

Kitchen remodeling contractors need to show thier work.

Pictures like this are what kitchen remodeling sites should be showing.
Pictures like this are what kitchen remodeling sites should be showing.

If they have done a good job on other kitchens they maybe they will do a good job with you

.  even better if they have a video. this kitchen remodeling contractor from Los Angeles has a great video.  I wonder who made it for him it’s the best!